CosmicOne Presents: 

4 inch dob photo 
Build Your Own
4 Inch 
Dobsonian Telescope 
original project by Larry Robinson
edited and web published by Robert Haler 

The Official 4 Inch Dob Web Site 
This web site exists to provide, free of charge, the information
necessary for anyone to construct a top quality telescope 
with simple hand tools for as little as $125.00. 
No previous experience is required. 

Your Comments, Questions, and Suggestions are Welcome!
4 Inch Dob
c/o Lymax's Earth, Sky, & Astronomy
P.O. Box 18537
Raytown, MO 64055

Printed copies of Build Your Own 4 Inch Dob Telescope
are available from Lymax for $20.00 each, shipping included within the U.S.A.
Available outside the U.S. for $20.00 plus shipping.

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Lymax's Earth, Sky, & Astronomy 
A source for Printed Copies of this Manual, Mirrors, Eyepieces, Teflon, Ebony Star, and other supplies you may need for your scope.
Also a source for complete telescopes. 

This information is provided free of charge and is probably worth precisely what you
paid for it. If you build one of these devices, it is likely that it will fly apart
and kill everyone within 5 blocks. Construct and use at your own risk.

Copyright © 1997-1998 Robert Haler 
All Rights Reserved