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SCT Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope Cooler
The CosmicOne SCT Cooler - or "Cat Cooler" - is a device for ventilating the inside of SCTs, Maks, and other catadioptric telescopes so that they may be brought quickly to ambient temperature. This allows image-ruining tube currents and heat pillars to be minimized in 10-20 minutes instead of the usual 45 minutes to 2 hours. The greater the temperature difference between the place your telescope is stored and the outside evening air, the more quality viewing time you can reclaim with a CosmicOne SCT Cooler. The SCT Cooler has a filtered air intake and other design features which minimize the possibility of dust infiltration and direct the air flow away from the internal optical surfaces. SCT Coolers are available exclusively from Lymax!

The Lymax eBay Store
Please check out the items we have up for auction in our store on eBay! We have products there that are often not found on our website here.

Lymax Laser Engraving - NEW!

Laser Cut Flammarion Photo BoxLaser Cut Flammarion Photo Box TopLaser Cut Flammarion Photo Box Open

Lymax is now offering laser engraving services. We are currently developing products for the astronomy community and the general public. Our machine capacity is 36”x24”x12” with 75 watts of power. In addition to engraving and cutting flat materials like wood, foam, acrylic, corian, etc., we can engrave round items, including glass and certain coated metals in addition to the other materials mentioned. Email us if you want to know if we can work with your material. We cannot cut or engrave PVC, Vinyl, or other plastics containing chlorine.  

In addition to the standard product line we will be adding to over the next few months, we welcome your inquiries concerning customization of any standard item and full custom services.  Many telescope and accessory building projects can be made easier or enhanced with laser cut or engraved parts. Please email for more information and check back often for new products.

Internet and Phone Order Sales
Lymax is an internet-order and phone-order store only. Local pickup and demos can be arranged by calling 816-737-5050.

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Herald-Bobroff Astroatlas
a different kind of star atlas

SCT Cooler
the celebrated "bovinator"

the Lymax eBay store
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